October 22 2018

2017 Eastern International Region Call for Papers

2017 Eastern International Regional Meeting

April 28–29, 2017
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

2017 Call for Papers

Theme: Diversity and Equality: Texts, Traditions, and Trends

Deadline for Submission of Proposals: February 15, 2017

Proposal Submissions: eiraarsubmission@gmail.com

Inquiries: eiraar17@uwaterloo.ca

The Eastern International Region of the AAR invites faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, independent scholars, and professionals from inside and outside of the Region to submit proposals for papers and panels to be presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting. We particularly invite proposals in line with this year’s theme: Diversity and Equality: Texts, Traditions, and Trends.

In selecting this theme, the organizing committee hopes to raise questions regarding the presence of diversity within religious traditions in texts and practices both historically and in the present. Who is included/excluded in texts and practices and upon what basis? Are texts and practices consistent and if not, why not? What changes have occurred historically? What elements contribute to a move towards or away from inclusivity and equality in religious texts and practices? Can we identify elements in the present that hint at future trends?

Some examples of possible paper and panel/roundtable topics might include:

  • LGBTQ2S: Inclusive or separate communities?
  • Women and equality in religious institutions: Are we there yet?
  • The governance of religious diversity: religion and politics.
  • The Role of the religion in the formation of identity.
  • How “X” religion is moving towards diversity and/or equality--or not.
  • Theorizing diversity and equality.
  • The Black Lives Matter Movement, what role, if any, does religion play in racial justice and equality?

Proposals and panels are invited from all areas within the study of religion and are not restricted to this year’s theme:

Art History and Criticism
Comparative Religion
Method and Theory

Music History and Criticism
Ritual Studies
Textual Studies

Film presentation

In addition to individual papers, panels, and roundtables, the committee also invites students, faculty, and filmmakers/producers to submit proposals to show their original creative or documentary films on religious topics. For the film to be eligible for showing at the conference, at least one researcher/filmmaker must be present to discuss the film and answer questions. See below for submission guidelines. 

Submission Guidelines

Individual Papers: Individual paper presentations are limited to twenty minutes in delivery. Each proposal should contain the following in a single e-mail attachment in MS Word format:

  1. One-page abstract (300 word maximum) describing the nature of the paper.
  2. Cover page that includes the submitter’s full name, title, institution, phone number, e-mail, and mailing address.

Panels or Roundtables: Each proposal should contain the following in a single e-mail attachment in MS Word format:

  1. One abstract per proposed paper and a brief overview of the panel/roundtable by the organizer.
  2. Cover page that includes the name, institutional affiliation, and contact information of each presenter and respondent (where applicable) and the primary contact person’s full name, title, institution, phone number, e-mail, and mailing address.

Undergraduates: In addition to the above requirements, undergraduate proposals must include a letter of confirmation of program from a faculty member who has supervised the student’s work.

AV/Tech Support: If you require technological support for your presentation/panel (such as an Internet connection or audio and projection equipment), you must request it with your proposal

AAR Membership: All presenters at the 2016 regional conference, with the exception of undergraduates, must have active membership in the AAR or SBL. All participants must register for the conference.

Please send your proposal to eiraarsubmission@gmail.com. Please direct all other inquiries: eiraar17@uwaterloo.ca

Deadline for submission of proposals: February 15, 2017.

Student Paper Competition

Graduate and undergraduate students in the Eastern International Region are invited to enter the student paper competition. Up to two $200 awards will be presented at the conference.

Please note that to be eligible for consideration, the student must attend a university in the Eastern International Region (Canada: Ontario, Québec; NY: zip codes 10900–10999, 12000–14999; PA: zip codes 15000–16899, 17200–17299).

To enter the competition, please include a line in your proposal (due February 15, 2017) confirming that you wish to enter your paper into the contest.

A final draft of the paper (3000-word maximum) is due to the EIR Regional Coordinator, Verna Ehret (vehret@mercyhurst.edu), by April 15. The submitted paper must conform to your conference presentation in its entirety.