July 16 2018

Gandhi seated, surrounded by people, writing a prayer message, January 18, 1948
December 07 2015

Leela Prasad interview by Kristian Petersen

a group of Second Life avatars sit together meditating
November 09 2015

Interview with Gregory Price Grieve, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Rev. Ikuko Hibino, the female chief priest of the Kayadera Temple, leading parishioners at the temple in Kuramae, Tokyo.
November 05 2015

Mark Rowe with Kristian Petersen

Close up shot of woman in prayer
October 30 2015

Interview with Torang Asadi, PhD candidate, Duke University

October 28 2015

by Irene Oh, The George Washington University

October 22 2015

by Charles Mathewes, University of Virginia*


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