December 11 2019

Spotlight on Teaching

Sarah Jacoby (Northwestern University), General coeditor
Jessica Tinklenberg (The Claremont Colleges), General coeditor

Spotlight on Teaching is a major teaching and learning initiative of the AAR and its Committee on Teaching and Learning. Over the last several years, it has become a principal venue for exploring opportunities and challenges in teaching and learning about religions. Spotlight appears in Religious Studies News twice a year as a member benefit. Each issue focuses on a particular theme, concern, or setting.


a small tower of rocks built on an enbankment in front of a forest Contemplative Pedagogy and the Religious Studies Classroom / June 2019

 Teaching Religion as Anti-Racism Education / Fall 2018

 Teaching Tales: Harnessing the Power of Storytelling in the Hindu Studies Classroom and Beyond / Spring 2018

Teaching the Paranormal and the Occult / October 2017

Religious Studies after the 2016 Election / May 2017

Let's Get Physical / October 2016

Incarcerated Religion: Teaching behind Walls / May 2016

 Faculty-Led, Short-Term Study Abroad Programs / May 2015

 Teaching New and Alternative Religious Movements / January 2015

 Teaching Asian American Religions and Religiosities / May 2014

Spotlight on Theological Education

Scott. C. Alexander, Catholic Theological Union, editor

Spotlight on Theological Education is a major initiative of the AAR and its Theological Education Steering Committee. Spotlight has become an important venue for exploring opportunities and challenges in theological education. Each issue focuses on a particular theme, setting, or concern to theological education. Spotlight appears as a special supplement to Religious Studies News in the spring of each year as a member benefit.


Prefatory miniature from a moralized Bible of "God as architect of the world", folio I verso, Paris ca. 1220–1230. Ink, tempera, and gold leaf on vellum 1' 1½" × 8¼". Public Domain. Science and Theological Education: Reports from the Field / May 2019

 Trump and A Crisis in American Monotheisms / April 2018

Cropped portion of an illuminated manuscript depicting Mary preaching to the apostles Theological Education between the Times / April 2017

 Islamic Studies at North American Theological Seminaries / April 2016

 Intersectionality in Theological Education / April 2015

 The Transnational Character of Theological Education / March 2014

 Environmental Justice and Interreligious Ecotheology / March 2013