May 30 2024

About RSN

Religious Studies News is the web magazine of the American Academy of Religion and is designed as a platform for students and professionals in the field to report on research trends, issues in religious studies and higher education, and apply the academic study of religion to broader public conversations. RSN also examines critical issues in education and pedagogy (especially through Spotlight on Teaching and Spotlight on Theological Education), as well as topics especially relevant to minority scholars in academia. In addition to serving as a resource for people studying in an academic environment, RSN is also intended to be a public face of the scholarly study of religion. It is published throughout the calendar year with new content about every two weeks.

RSN has been in publication since 1989 and was mailed as a quarterly newsletter to members until 2009. In March 2010, RSN moved to an entirely online quarterly format. Issues dating back to 2001 are archived online. Beginning in the fall of 2014, RSN was redesigned to include contributions from more authors, to be more timely and relevant, and to welcome a readership that extends beyond the AAR’s membership.

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Religious Studies News welcomes comments from AAR members on certain articles, and you will be prompted to log in using your AAR Member ID and password in order to leave a comment. RSN reserves the right to remove any comment that is offensive, inappropriate, or defamatory. Comments reflect the views of the author and are not indicative of approval or endorsement by RSN or the AAR.