February 20 2024

September 08 2015

by Beth Eddy, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Opening title screen of the film (2001) The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
August 13 2015

by Gail Labovitz, American Jewish University

Hands in Solidarity, Hands of Freedom mural on the side of the United Electrical Workers trade union building on West Monroe Street at Ashland Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.
June 30 2015

by Alison Colpits, University of Toronto

four stills of a draped woman carrying a jar on her shoulder and a basket in her hand
June 16 2015

by Cassie Hillman Trentaz, Warner Pacific College

An image of one of Rockwell Kent's 1930 illustrations of Moby Dick. Depicts the whale rising high out of the water, with large arc of water from the whale's blowhole.
May 19 2015

by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Earlham School of Religion

image of an empty word processor page
April 20 2015

by Lynn Schofield Clark, University of Denver


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