July 19 2024

Author Agreement

Religious Studies News Author Agreement

All authors included in Religious Studies News must sign an author agreement provided online or may print, sign, and return to the AAR the agreement before their work can be published.

Agreement may be indicated through a web form (preferred), but the agreement may also be printed and returned via mail. If mailing, please sign and return the agreement to:

Editor, Religious Studies News
American Academy of Religion
825 Houston Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30329

I, NAME, author of “ARTICLE TITLE” (the "Article"), which has been accepted for publication in Religious Studies News (RSN), published by the American Academy of Religion (AAR), warrant that I am the author of the Article and have the legal right to offer the Article for publication in RSN. Through this agreement, I transfer copyright of the Article to the AAR. I attest that the Article does not infringe on the intellectual property or privacy rights of any third parties and does not contain defamatory content. I have obtained written permission for the inclusion of any content for which I am required.

If the Article has been published in a copyrighted medium in whole or in part prior to its publication in RSN, I agree to obtain permission for its reprint in RSN and will include in the Article proper attribution to its original source. I will submit permissions to RSN prior to the Article’s publication. I also agree that I have permission to publish any media I submit with the Article, whether through explicit permission, which I will submit to RSN, or through the media’s publicly available license.

Through the publication of the Article, I transfer to the AAR its copyright, including title and interest, and the AAR will allow noncommercial use of the article by third parties under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. In return, the AAR grants me, as the author, a nonexclusive and royalty-free license to reproduce copies of the article in print or electronic form and to distribute reproductions of the Article for personal, educational, and any nonprofit use. All reproductions and distributions of the Article should include first publication attribution to the AAR and a copyright notice in the name of the AAR and, for electronic publication, include a link to the original site of publication.

The AAR holds discretionary right and responsibility in third party requests to reprint the Article in another publication or medium. As author, I agree to direct inquiries regarding permissions to the AAR.

I agree to work in good faith with RSN to resolve any changes to the Article as proposed by the editor included but not limited to editorial revisions, cuts for length, and clarity. I understand that my Article will be edited for stylistic consistency in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style, and it may be edited for clarity or length without prior approval. Major revisions to the Article will be discussed and agreed upon by the author and editor.